Project Management – Why Scope Creep Destroys Projects, Reputations and Careers | Agile Zone

Scope creep is something that I learned to fear while developing my skills as a trainer. The two big offerings I train, Managed Maintenance and Tracer2, virtually eliminate un-checked scope creep. So while I understood what creep was in theory, I didn’t quite understand it in practice. This article is a good, quick way to understand what happens and how it can affect your project. Check it out:

Project Management – Why Scope Creep Destroys Projects, Reputations and Careers | Agile Zone.


Spotlight on Featured E-Learning Instructor: Karl Wiegers

Post by Matt

One of the Featured E-Learning Instructors for the month of October is Karl Wiegers, Principal Consultant with Process Impact and a specialist in Software Requirements. Karl has strong backgrounds in requirements engineering, software peer reviews, software process improvement, project management, risk management, and software metrics.

As one would expect from a person who has a background in so many areas of the field, Karl as written more than 170 articles on software development (including many on chemistry and military history). In the past he worked at the Eastman Kodak Company where he held positions as a photographic research scientist, software developer, software manager, and software process and quality improvement leader. Continue reading

The Benefits of Online Training

Post by Matt

I have the good fortune of living below two bibliophiles. Besides the fact that their idea of a Saturday Night involves strong, loose leaf tea and reading, my own library has grown twofold.

While I appreciate the feel of the paper on my fingers and the smell of the ink as much as any other reader, I can’t help but spend a few minutes with each bookstore visit to inquire after e-book readers.

This drives my upstairs neighbors crazy. Like – spill a teacup crazy. Continue reading

Cool Post from The Dekkers Report: Sunk costs… can they sink us? « The Dekkers Report…

Post by Matt

I was skimming along WordPress looking for something to write about (I’m having a bit of writer’s block) when I came across this interesting post by Carol Dekkers discussing ‘Sunk Costs’. While I don’t personally know much about Project Management, she described Sunk Cost in a way that I understood immediately. Check it out:

Sunk costs… can they sink us? « The Dekkers Report….

Lunch With Tom: Thoughts on PM Degrees and Fear of Failure

Post by Tom


 1) If you are considering a PM degree, seek a college that is recognized by the PMI Global Accreditation Center GAC.

 2) If paralyzed to act due to a fear of failure, ask yourself what really is the worst that can happen and decide if the risk and its likelihood is a cost you can pay.

 Last time I wrote about a personal risk I took in attempting to repair my Palm TX problem on my own. This installation I’ll talk about the risk of starting on the path towards PMP certification. I do this in hopes that others will consider taking more risk in their lives, which may lead to personal and perhaps businesses and communities as well. Continue reading

EBG Consulting Video on Agile Business

Post by Matt

 Happy Friday everyone. 

I came across this very creative/quirky video done by EBG Consulting, the Consulting company of our expert partner Ellen Gottesdiener. It’s very brief but very fun to watch: 

Lunch With Tom

Post by Tom

Recently I’ve had some successes by taking chances.  I haven’t posted for a while because my Palm TX has had digitizer problems.  It was too difficult to write notes and make menu selections.  Could this be the end of the line for my Palm OS experience?

 I hoped not, based upon Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition and subsequent announcement to build a pad computing device to compete with Apple. Continue reading