An Introduction

post by Matt

Hello everyone.

You’ve just come across the newest adventure for CAI University, our blog for the CAI-U administrators and faculty to share experiences, tips, and tools. Let me give a quick overview of what we hope to accomplish with this blog and what you’ll find here.


We believe sharing information makes life easier, especially in the business world. We do this by offering courses created by our experts and that allow students to gain insight, credit, and recognition. We believe in best practices and the repeated application of best practices.

While we are excited with the courses and what they do for students, we thought just a bit more could be achieved, hence this blog. We believe in letting people learn by doing, but by sharpening their success with best practices insight.


we want to provide insight that might otherwise fall through the cracks of learning. If your work environment is anything like ours, you use dozens of tools everyday to get your job done. We want to share with you the tips and techniques we’ve discovered that make our jobs easier.

We’ll also have discussions with our partners about questions you pose, try to solve problems you come across, and have a bit of fun while we do it.

We want to provide this information in an open format and get some tips from you, too. If you come across information that could be improved, expanded on, or corrected, we welcome it. After all, learning comes from communication and doing.

We hope to build your trust by earning it, not by telling you it should be given. To do this, we will admit to mistakes, to our own knowledge gaps, and be aware of when you give us advice that everyone can use. Behind CAI-U is a group of people just like you, and we think this is a benefit and not a hinderance.

We think providing a less formal area to share our new discoveries, developments and training can benefit everyone, not just ourselves. With this blog we hope that you will be just as responsible for the direction of CAI-U as we are, pointing out what training or courses would be more interesting to you, and which ones you think could be improved on. 

We want to create a place where our expert partners, learners, and staff interact and share information. By building the relationship between these three groups,  ideas and improvement will grow naturally.


We hope by creating a place for visitors, CAI-U Learners, and CAI-U administration to interact, we’ll be able to get a better sense of what we can do to help the IT community. We love open discussions with anyone wo is willing to discuss subjects and ideas that are beneficial.


We hope you’ll be able to find information in this blog that will help you in everyday (and maybe not so everyday) work. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or questions; we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by.


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