Did the Borg Blog?

Post by Jerry

Science fiction fans will recognize “The Borg” as the evil cyborgs from deep space that threatened Star Trek heroes and foes alike. The Borg traversed the heavens in a huge flying cube relentlessly absorbing humans into their cybernetic community. Human computers, the Borg identified themselves with cryptic communal names such as Seven-of-Nine. The majority of Borg never spoke but communicated through a silent network of thoughts across “the collective.”

Do you think the Borg blogged? Did they spend their waking hours (and non-waking hours?) constantly sharing ideas and opinions over a network? Did they enjoy it? Or were their lives an unbearable existence without it?

Did you ever think that the Borg satirized today’s society? Technology allows us to stand in a crowd but never speak to the person next to us. Most of us would rather use our handheld device to call, text, surf or blog over “the collective.”

Someday we may see the Borg in our mirrors! Is resistance futile?



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