Why CAI-U?

Post by Katrina

There are a plethora of online training organizations and universities. So why should you be interested in CAI-U? What sets us apart?

Our experts are world-renowned: Many of the online universities claim that they have professors who are currently working in the field. The difference with CAI-U is not only are our experts working in the field, but they are world-renowned, known world over for their work and thought leadership.

Our courses can be used immediately: Although we don’t offer degrees, the content of our courses is delivered in a just-in-time fashion that allows you to immediately apply what you’ve learned to your professional situation. You don’t have to wait until you’ve finished a degree to apply what you’ve learned. And many of our courses offer credits accepted by Project management Institute (http://www.pmi.org/Pages/default.aspx) or International Institute of Business Analysis (http://www.theiiba.org/am/).

We offer 24/7 access: Our courses are asynchronous, which means you don’t have to juggle your busy schedule to fit them in and be online at the same time as a cohort of other students. You can take them anytime and anywhere you have Internet access, even at 2 AM at a Denny’s wi-fi site. Our licenses give you six months to complete the course, and we are flexible with extending that time with solid business justification.

We offer flexible pricing: We post our prices on the website (caiu.compaid.com). However, if you watch closely, you may find times when special prices are offered on the website. In addition, for multiple license purchases, we offer a sliding scale discount depending on the number of licenses purchased.

Our customer service is second to none: Whether you contact CAI University Support for a question related to course support or CAI’s help desk for a question related to site access, you get an efficient, nearly immediate response. And you can’t forget our money-back guarantee…if for any reason you have an issue with a course and we can’t resolve it to your satisfaction, we will give you your entire course fee back, no questions asked. However, we may ask you to complete a brief survey to improve the course so no  one else has the experience you’ve had, but your money will be returned regardless of whether you complete the survey.

We are a different kind of university, and we hope you join us as a student based on those differences.


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