My Response to Loving the Wiki, or My Love-Hate Relationsip with the Wiki

Post by Katrina

I do, around my kids’ activities and other things, occasionally read what my co-workers write. I especially found Matt’s article How I learned to stop worrying and love the  Wiki : ( interesting. You see, I have been wiki resistant for some time. I see several problems with them which I will discuss here; but as a wise man once said, “Never come to me with a problem unless you have a solution,” so I will try to proffer the associated solution.

 Problem: The wiki is not always organized that you can find things.

Solution: I recommend meeting as a team and developing an outline of what should go where. Once the outline is agreed to, do not change it. Some people find things by location in the outline, and moving things because you think it belongs someplace else throws those people off. Yes, they could search, but see search problem below.

 Problem: Searches often bring up several pages of non-answers to the questions you’ve asked.

Solution: I don’t know what to suggest as a solution for this. I often have to try several searches and then spend 20 or 30 minutes sifting through results. I suppose if you know the title of the article you need, you could search on the title and it just might come up first (if you’re lucky).

 Problem: Technology changes quickly. What is in vogue today might be old news tomorrow. Right now, everything is in .aspx technology. That’s great. It’s today’s technology. But technology changes rapidly. If .aspx goes out of vogue, the wiki will have to be converted to a new technology, with all the associated time and effort.

Solution: I don’t have a solution with this one. I suppose if there is a new latest and greatest technology, there will be some kind of conversion tool…but at what cost? Not everything is freeware, especially for for-profit organizations. And let’s not forget the labor to convert the wiki.

 Problem: Not all information is for everyone on the team. Segments of the team need specific answers. But you never know which segment to find the information in (see search problem).

Solution: Our team’s solution has been to fragment the wiki and create individual wikis for each team segment, which is fine, if you know how the segment is organized or know the specific title of the topic you need

 Problem: Joining the wiki generation makes me feel like I have joined the Borg collective. Do it because everyone is doing it and don’t resist because resistance is futile.

Solution: I don’t think resistance is necessarily futile. It is possible to work within the system for change. If I can present my solutions and they get accepted, I have done well and I feel less like I am accepting something that goes against the grain of my very being.


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