Review of ITMPI Webinar: Social Media and Corporate Productivity

Post by Matt

 Today I watched the Webinar: Social Media and Corporate Productivity presented by the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute (our sister organization) and conducted by Scott Fabel and Michael Milutis. I wanted to share my experience with this webinar, and I couldn’t think of a better way than utilizing the 4 L retrospective technique that Ellen Gottesdiener discussed on her blog: Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed For.

 The webinar covered three areas of social media – social platforms, social interactions, and social content. Scott mentioned that all three are important to a successful corporate effort in social media, and discussed a good many of the tools that are built to facilitate use. The categories broke down into:

Social Platforms – wikis, personal social networks (Myspace, Facebook, etc.), Linkedin

Social Content – Blogs, microblogs (Twitter), podcasts and videocasts, photo-sharing sites (flickr)

Social Interaction – Shared Events and Calendars (Eventful, CitySearch), RSS feeds

 I consider myself very aware of the first two, but only familiar with some of the applications and services mentioned in the third (in Social Interaction).

So, let’s begin!


I liked the emphasis on social media being more than opening a twitter account or having a Facebook page. It takes a lot more work than just that, and Scott did well explaining the time it can take to build your ‘social’ name on the web.

I also liked how Scott gave ‘homework’ to the viewers. While I am fortunate enough to have fairly solid social strategy, I could see how useful his suggestions would be to someone just starting out.


I learned about a few sites I wasn’t previously aware of such as Eventful and Citysearch. I understood just a bit of the importance of location-based social networking (being a Foursquare user and such), but I didn’t know how other events could help in the corporate world. Scott explained that knowing where your potential customers are or enjoy taking part in could be a huge tool in offering things that are valuable to them.


I’m going to chalk this one up to a bad fit on my part: I got the impression about halfway through the webinar that it was set up for people brand new to social media. While the information provided was very good, I felt like it lacked more detailed, processed oriented discussion.

For an hour-long webinar, though, Scott packed in a lot of info.

Longed For

I would have loved to learn more about the successful use of location-based social media and how to increase interest/interaction through blogs, twitter, linked-in, etc. I imagine that would take quite a bit more than one hour and I understand it wasn’t the goal of this webinar, but it would have been fantastic.

 For those of you who took part in the webinar alongside me: what did you like, learn, lack or long for? I’d be happy to discuss with you any opinions or questions!


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