Lunch With Tom

Post by Tom

Recently I’ve had some successes by taking chances.  I haven’t posted for a while because my Palm TX has had digitizer problems.  It was too difficult to write notes and make menu selections.  Could this be the end of the line for my Palm OS experience?

 I hoped not, based upon Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition and subsequent announcement to build a pad computing device to compete with Apple.

Unfortunately, it’s Windows 7 based rather than Palm OS’s first cousin, Web OS. At least the Palm and Web OS is in good hands and with any luck, I’ll have an easy upgrade path and won’t have to re key data that has accumulated over 14  years. With a good parts source, I could also extend the life of my Palm TX for quite some time.

 In seeking a digitizer solution, I tried a software product that was supposed to improve on the Palm calibration process. Unfortunately, the software I had couldn’t be registered despite several attempts to get customer service. Guess they don’t want my business.

 I read on one forum that the best solution is to replace the screen and digitizer. Software people hesitate to try hardware solutions, but the video the company posted to YouTube convinced me to try it.

 The operation was a success – up to this point – still needs to be able to sync back to my laptop.

 My hesitations were based upon the fear of failure, of not being a hardware/handyman, and simply never thinking of the hardware approach during my initial search for a solution.

 Another risk I took recently was to apply for the PMP exam. Next time, I’ll talk about the risk I took.


 Sync Session

Syncing went fine so the screen and digitizer fix was a success for day one and hopefully beyond. The company I ordered from is They also provide screens and parts for iPods, cell phones, Blackberrys, and many other devices. Check it out!

Yours truly,

Tom Swider

 “I may have been born yesterday, but I still went shopping.”

— Scott Thompson as “Buddy Cole”


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