The Benefits of Online Training

Post by Matt

I have the good fortune of living below two bibliophiles. Besides the fact that their idea of a Saturday Night involves strong, loose leaf tea and reading, my own library has grown twofold.

While I appreciate the feel of the paper on my fingers and the smell of the ink as much as any other reader, I can’t help but spend a few minutes with each bookstore visit to inquire after e-book readers.

This drives my upstairs neighbors crazy. Like – spill a teacup crazy.

The thought of reading a book on a digital screen seems like a sin to them, and they are vehemently opposed to the promotion and success of e-books. I am more open in my acceptance, however, as I see e-book readers as a good way of saving paper, space, and time. Besides, the Nook seems like a pretty cool way of holding a thousand or so books in the palm of my hand.

While we haven’t had the discussion over scones about ebooks v. physical books, I’ve still determined my arguments for e-book readers (as you can see).

This made me start thinking about my job as a trainer with CAI, and how we’ve moved to a more computer-based delivery of our core training. I wanted to share my defense of online training, though I think it’s an easier sell.

  1. Online training is much cheaper – Instead of spending your billfold on gas, hotels, lost time on projects, feeding employees on the road and what not, you can focus your money on just the training. Since you can take it from your desk (home or work), the overall expense is substantially less.
  2. Online training takes less time – This sort of goes with point number one, but it’s still a huge point that needs to be mentioned: online training doesn’t include students taking coffee breaks, instructors shuffling though notes or trying to find a conference room to talk. Since everything is online, the training starts and stops when you want it to.
  3. Online training has less impact – Online training uses less paper and less gas, and it doesn’t take you or your team away from work. Instead of missing a whole week of work you can take online training for thirty minutes a day, making it fit your schedule. Furthermore you can feel good about yourself for being environmentally mindful. That’s always a nice thing, right?

I’m sure there are many other advantages, I welcome you to share (or to dispute) some of them if you like.  Unfamiliar with online training? Check out our expert training on CAI-U to get a feel for what it’s like (we’ve got demos!)


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