About CAI-U

CAI University

From Computer Aid, Inc., The world premiere IT services company, comes Computer Aid University.

CAI is a global IT services firm that is currently managing active engagements with over 100 Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies around the world. Specific CAI offerings include balanced outsourcing solutions, Legacy Support, application & business knowledge capture development, knowledge capture, desktop services, and managed staffing services. Our ability to provide on-time and on-budget results has been critical to our success for over 25 years, and our unique methodologies and tools enable us to provide our clients with real techniques for increasing productivity, profitability, and competitiveness.

Computer Aid University was founded from the immense knowledge of experts within Computer Aid, as well as expert partners outside of Computer Aid that shape and lead the IT field. Our training in valuable IT subjects such as business analysis, project management, Requirements, Six Sigma, and software testing has been a critical factor in our success for over 25 years. Our training is designed with field experience, best practices, and real-world knowledge.

CAI, Inc. is headquartered in Pennsylvania, with offices and staff throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, CAI offers a variety of delivery options including on-site, off-site, and blended solutions. Our Solution Delivery Centers are successfully leveraged to enable our global staff of 3,000 technical and managerial professionals to quickly and effectively respond to client requirements.

Go beyond just getting your certificate, CAI-U provides real world IT training & solutions to real world problems.

 Computer Aid, Inc., visit us today at www.compaid.com

CAI- U History: a Tradition of Revolution

CAI-U was founded a decade ago as an internal training management and delivery tool. CAI-U delivers CAI’s best practices and methodology, including quality management, legacy support, estimating, project management, and application knowledge capture. By 2005 the top five internal CAI courses were converted into blended learning programs; with nine other advanced courses developed for face to face delivery.

In 2008 CAI-U began External Partnerships, an initiative to gather the most influential experts and ideas in the IT field. Many of these experts are current members of ITMPI: The IT Metrics and Productivity Institute, an organization sponsored by CAI, Inc. and with the sole purpose of discovering and promoting IT best practices through white papers, webinars, and conferences.  In 2009 a total of 5 IT experts from various fields in the industry were added to the expert course listing.

In 2010, due to increased interest and feedback from visitors, CAI-U applied and was granted PDU® credits by the Project Management Institute®. Currently CAI-U hosts 17 courses developed by our partner experts, as well as five courses developed internally including Managed Maintenance, Tracer, Transition Manager, Catalyst, and APARS training. Each course provides education and real-world application to help learners excel in the IT field.

For the history of CAI, click here

CAI’s Principles

CAI Inc. operates on the principle that IT solutions should be delivered at a fixed price, on time, and within budget. To this end, CAI has been focused for 25 years on the development of service models that leverage defined processes and performance metrics in order to maximize visibility, control, and productivity. Each of CAI’s offerings enables customers to concentrate on their core competencies while preserving customer control over the IT function.

CAI-U’s Principles

CAI-U maintains the high quality, honest proposition of Computer Aid, Inc. by managing and delivering high value IT and leadership training at a reasonable price. CAI-U’s breadth of content allows companies and individuals to stay current in a cost-effective, easily accessible, well defined continuing education program.

CAI-U provides real world, applied knowledge you can utilize in your field immediately. Through our collaborative learning environment, internet delivery, assignments based on real world problems, and access to IT experts, you as a learner can gain more insight in less time than traditional classroom programs.

CAI-U Expert partners can expect to see a decrease in time and cost involved in training, increased exposure of their training to the international IT market, have more free time to do core business while the training you developed delivers itself, and a revenue stream that requires little of your own involvement to maintain.

By taking a course hosted by CAI-U, you gain the benefit of an anytime, anywhere, anyone education that provides techniques you can use now.


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