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Project Management – Why Scope Creep Destroys Projects, Reputations and Careers | Agile Zone

Scope creep is something that I learned to fear while developing my skills as a trainer. The two big offerings I train, Managed Maintenance and Tracer2, virtually eliminate un-checked scope creep. So while I understood what creep was in theory, I didn’t quite understand it in practice. This article is a good, quick way to understand what happens and how it can affect your project. Check it out:

Project Management – Why Scope Creep Destroys Projects, Reputations and Careers | Agile Zone.


Cool Post from The Dekkers Report: Sunk costs… can they sink us? « The Dekkers Report…

Post by Matt

I was skimming along WordPress looking for something to write about (I’m having a bit of writer’s block) when I came across this interesting post by Carol Dekkers discussing ‘Sunk Costs’. While I don’t personally know much about Project Management, she described Sunk Cost in a way that I understood immediately. Check it out:

Sunk costs… can they sink us? « The Dekkers Report….

EBG Consulting Video on Agile Business

Post by Matt

 Happy Friday everyone. 

I came across this very creative/quirky video done by EBG Consulting, the Consulting company of our expert partner Ellen Gottesdiener. It’s very brief but very fun to watch: 

CAI-U’s Promise to Our Students

Post by Matt

 I was talking to Bart earlier today (which, I find, helps the employee/manager relationship), and the conversation found its way to promises. I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch, though I’m pretty sure it will come off that way due to the nature of the discussion:

 One of the things that separate CAI-U from other online learning offerings is that we make and stand behind our promises. I am not suggesting that other groups don’t keep their promises – I’m suggesting that they don’t make promises to start with. I’m very proud that we do, actually, which is why I brought it up with Bart. He asked me if we had the promise on our main site, which we do! He then asked me if we had anything about our promise to students on the blog.

Well, shoot.  Continue reading