Meet The CAI-U Faculty


Katrina Molnar is an almost 15-year veteran of the IT wars. She has held a variety of positions for an array of clients including Tyco and Pennsylvania Department of Education. She holds a Master’s degree in Professional Writing.

Currently on our team, in addition to her responsibilities managing CAI-U admission and enrollment, she also administers an external learning management system, runs our document warehouse, takes on technical writing assignments with gusto, and completes other duties as assigned. 😉

In all her copious spare time (which doesn’t exist), she plays taxi to her children Katelynn, Karolynn, and Kristianna, which leaves precious little time for other hobbies like counted cross-stitch, surfing the web, Biblical feminist studies, and anything else that catches her fancy. (No, there is no Mr. Katrina…at least, not yet…).

 Matthew Kabik started working with our team in 2008, and has since become rather fond of them. Before working for CAI he was employed with Hershey Entertainment and Resorts as an Area Supervisor in Hershey Park. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Penn State.

Matthew’s main job duty is as a trainer, which affords him the luxury of not having to make his bed and travelling all over the country (which, honestly, is kind of awesome). When not stealing hotel shampoo or over-indulging in free continental breakfasts, Matthew helps CAI-U educators with any questions they have, talks to potential students, helps in the ever enjoyable print shop, and does whatever else needs doing. On his own time Matthew repairs antique manual typewriters (a messy endevour which somehow his wife tolerates), reads too many books, and investigates the finer points of mustache ownership.

Tom Swider is often confused for an IT geek because he’s worked in most functional areas of software development. Early in life, he obtained a Bachelor degree in Management Science from Binghamton University (1986), and taught PC skills as part of a job training program at Gloucester County College (NJ) which provided his foundational skills in Training Development. His interest in Project Management started in college and renewed when he worked for Primavera Systems, providing technical support for the SureTrak project scheduling application. His road warrior days at Computer Sciences Corporation allowed him time on planes, trains, buses, and in hotel rooms to begin a Masters of Project Management online with Keller DeVry. He completed the degree in 2007 while at Computer Aid, where he is currently team leader for Instructional System Design.

Tom is inspired by David Lynch, Haruki Murakami, Marcel Duchamp, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Maurizio Peregalli, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Karl-Heinz Schmiel, and Andreas Vesalius. Dessert should be port rather than cake, and lighting by Artemide rather than Target.


Tina Abplanalp has been at CAI for over 12 years and an educator for just as many. Having taught anywhere from first grade through college level, she serves as our Senior Instructional Designer. Just like everyone else on the team, she wears many hats and has put in long hours developing group, multimedia, and online training, writing documentation, serving as SharePoint, VSS, and LMS administrator, handling the document warehouse, and assessing partner training and technical issues for deployment to our LMS.

Tina has a B.S in biology and general sciences, a master’s degree in reading education, and equivalent of another degree in psychology, computer science, and education. She is a certified teacher and Reading Specialist in Pennsylvania and also holds a certificate in advanced instructional design. Having a diverse background, she has experience working in many different industries including medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, engineering, and transportation. 

Although she has a home in Pennsylvania, she currently lives in the back woods of North Carolina with her husband and black lab Moxie. She enjoys trips to the Carolina beach in her spare time and touring the museums and historical sites. Her hobbies include genealogy, writing poetry, and solving word and logic puzzles. Because she works remotely now, she often gets to test how our training works for real users in the field. An expert in many applications, she loves to solve technical problems and develop solutions. A true geek at heart!  

Jerry Stuart has more than 12 years of diverse experience in the information systems industry as an analyst and developer. In his prior life, he was a retail operations manager with a Boston area retailer. Having been on the rowing team in both high school and college, Jerry learned a lot about teamwork. “Rowing does not lend itself well to individualism. While you can row in a single shell or scull, the larger boats require you to be devoted to the team; eight oarsmen working as one.” Another big influence on Jerry’s “all for one, and one for all” disposition was having a career Marine for a father. “That means I could shine shoes and field strip a .45 caliber pistol with my eyes closed. And that was at age 12! Marines are devoted to the success of one another and that ethic overshadowed my youth.”

Computer Aid Inc, is a leader in providing solutions to our customers with our primary goal always being customer success. Helping the customer succeed is the objective of our teams. When that is accomplished, everything else falls into place. CAI University is just and extension of CAI’s team philosophy. Our training is designed by industry experts to help our IT customers and their teams get the skills and training needed to successfully meet their goals. Check out CAI’s product offerings and CAI University’s course catalog and you’ll see what I mean. CAI is your home team advantage!

Bart M. Young is the Managing Director of CAI University and has over 20 years experience in the training industry. During the 20 years Bart has helped developed many successful training programs for the Air Force and other computer companies, recieved rave reviews for his training delivery, and is an all around swell guy. He has developed many of the training programs for CAI and has worked with his dedicated team to build CAI-U. 

One of the greatest joys in Bart’s life is his daughter who he enjoys raising and spending quality time with. She has taught him patience, what happiness means, and that chocolate silk pie  is perfectly acceptable for breakfast.


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