Accelerated Leadership Training – Catalyst Demo

Post by Matt

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about our expert partners and the training they offer through CAI-U (and rightfully so, because their training is awesome); but I haven’t talked about the Leadership Training program Computer Aid, Inc. has developed: Catalyst.

Catalyst essentially takes everything my company has learned in its 25+ years of thought leadership, mixes in other industry expertise and research, and condenses everything down into an online, self-paced educational program. Catalyst helps you and your business managers become stronger leaders – it’s that simple. While the reasearch and development of this training took a very long time, you benefit from it within the first few hours.

I’ve recently uploaded a demo of the program that Jerry narrated (team member plug!) and helped develop to YouTube, check it out:

Want to learn more? Leave a comment or visit our main Catalyst Page.


Rex Black in Action

Post by Matt

I found a series of videos featuring our expert partner Rex Black discussing Testing and Risk. Take a few minutes to take in a video or two, as these videos not only showcase Rex’s ability to make the complex seem simple, but also demonstrate the strong public speaking skills he’s known for. Take a look:

Review of ITMPI Webinar: Social Media and Corporate Productivity

Post by Matt

 Today I watched the Webinar: Social Media and Corporate Productivity presented by the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute (our sister organization) and conducted by Scott Fabel and Michael Milutis. I wanted to share my experience with this webinar, and I couldn’t think of a better way than utilizing the 4 L retrospective technique that Ellen Gottesdiener discussed on her blog: Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed For.

 The webinar covered three areas of social media – social platforms, social interactions, and social content. Scott mentioned that all three are important to a successful corporate effort in social media, and discussed a good many of the tools that are built to facilitate use. The categories broke down into: Continue reading

My Five Tips for Business Blogging (from a Social Blogger)

Post by Matt

This blog was started with the goal of increasing awareness of CAI-U, provide help and a sounding board for our students, and to give tips and tricks outside of our main courses. It’s social in nature (not being rigidly controlled or censored), but it is still a business blog.

I started blogging as a social blogger. What I mean is, outside of work and just for me. I am pretty sure I started my blog about a year ago, and from that point to this I’ve learned an amazing amount in regards to how to conduct yourself, the importance of consistency, and the importance of kindness. All of these lessons are valuable (visitors to my blog increased an immense amount when I started applying the lessons I learned in both volume and in interaction). But what I’ve come to find is the majority of business blogs do not follow a few basic rules of blogging, resulting in less growth, interaction, and value. Continue reading

Spotlight on Featured E-Learning Instructor: Rex Black

Post by Matt

 The second September  Featured E-Learning Instructor is Rex Black, President of Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc. (RBCS) and testing process wizard. 

Rex Black has had clients such as Commonwealth Bank, CA, Sony, and HP.  He is the current president of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board and the immediate past president of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board. Continue reading

Eight Minutes to Learn about SCRUM? Sure!

Post by Matt

I found this very enjoyable, understandable video on YouTube about how SCRUM meetings work. My first experience with being in charge of a SCRUM was very confusing (as all unexplained Acronyms are), but this video seems to take away any confusion and is entertaining to boot.


Spotlight on Featured E-Learning Instructor: Hans Sassenburg

Post by Matt

It’s a new month and that means we’ve got new Featured E-Learning Instructors for CAI-U.

I chose to discuss  Dr. Hans Sassenburg first for this month, as his training is amazing for learning the methodologies and techniques for software requirements.

Continue reading