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Eight Minutes to Learn about SCRUM? Sure!

Post by Matt

I found this very enjoyable, understandable video on YouTube about how SCRUM meetings work. My first experience with being in charge of a SCRUM was very confusing (as all unexplained Acronyms are), but this video seems to take away any confusion and is entertaining to boot.



CAI-U Course Delivery

Post by Katrina

After all the hoopla about CAI-U and her courses, you may be wondering how these courses are delivered 24/7 in an asynchronous manner (you don’t have to logon at the same time as other students).

It all starts with our interface. We use Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. In addition, it uses SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK), which is a SCORM 2004-conformant e-learning delivery and tracking application built as a SharePoint v3 solution. It supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Class Server content, allowing users to store and manage this content in SharePoint document libraries. Continue reading

What is ITIL?

Post by Matt

Check out this brief video by Clay Nickels on what ITIL is. He’s got plenty of other videos on YouTube to look at as well, but we thought this was a good introduction to an important topic:

Bob Anderson, a CAI professional, has plenty to say about the benefits of ITIL. I’d recommend checking out his blog, too: ITIL Service Management & ITIL Application Support.