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The Benefits of Online Training

Post by Matt

I have the good fortune of living below two bibliophiles. Besides the fact that their idea of a Saturday Night involves strong, loose leaf tea and reading, my own library has grown twofold.

While I appreciate the feel of the paper on my fingers and the smell of the ink as much as any other reader, I can’t help but spend a few minutes with each bookstore visit to inquire after e-book readers.

This drives my upstairs neighbors crazy. Like – spill a teacup crazy. Continue reading


CAI-U’s Promise to Our Students

Post by Matt

 I was talking to Bart earlier today (which, I find, helps the employee/manager relationship), and the conversation found its way to promises. I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch, though I’m pretty sure it will come off that way due to the nature of the discussion:

 One of the things that separate CAI-U from other online learning offerings is that we make and stand behind our promises. I am not suggesting that other groups don’t keep their promises – I’m suggesting that they don’t make promises to start with. I’m very proud that we do, actually, which is why I brought it up with Bart. He asked me if we had the promise on our main site, which we do! He then asked me if we had anything about our promise to students on the blog.

Well, shoot.  Continue reading