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Lunch With Tom: Thoughts on PM Degrees and Fear of Failure

Post by Tom


 1) If you are considering a PM degree, seek a college that is recognized by the PMI Global Accreditation Center GAC.

 2) If paralyzed to act due to a fear of failure, ask yourself what really is the worst that can happen and decide if the risk and its likelihood is a cost you can pay.

 Last time I wrote about a personal risk I took in attempting to repair my Palm TX problem on my own. This installation I’ll talk about the risk of starting on the path towards PMP certification. I do this in hopes that others will consider taking more risk in their lives, which may lead to personal and perhaps businesses and communities as well. Continue reading


Why CAI-U?

Post by Katrina

There are a plethora of online training organizations and universities. So why should you be interested in CAI-U? What sets us apart?

Our experts are world-renowned: Many of the online universities claim that they have professors who are currently working in the field. The difference with CAI-U is not only are our experts working in the field, but they are world-renowned, known world over for their work and thought leadership. Continue reading

You’re Not in Oz: You Need To Be A PMI(R) REP(R)

post by Katrina

Setting: The base of a windmill in Kansas

Characters: Dorothy and Toto, who just returned from Oz

Dorothy: Oh, Toto, what ever am I going to do?

Toto: Arff-arff.

Dorothy: When we were back in Oz, I taught the munchkins all about project management. And I was good. I could do schedules and software requirements.


Dorothy: Here, everyone keeps asking me about PDUs and am I a PMI® REP®. I feel so lost and helpless. Whatever am I to do? Continue reading