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Lunch With Tom: Thoughts on PM Degrees and Fear of Failure

Post by Tom


 1) If you are considering a PM degree, seek a college that is recognized by the PMI Global Accreditation Center GAC.

 2) If paralyzed to act due to a fear of failure, ask yourself what really is the worst that can happen and decide if the risk and its likelihood is a cost you can pay.

 Last time I wrote about a personal risk I took in attempting to repair my Palm TX problem on my own. This installation I’ll talk about the risk of starting on the path towards PMP certification. I do this in hopes that others will consider taking more risk in their lives, which may lead to personal and perhaps businesses and communities as well. Continue reading


Lunch With Tom

Post by Tom

Recently I’ve had some successes by taking chances.  I haven’t posted for a while because my Palm TX has had digitizer problems.  It was too difficult to write notes and make menu selections.  Could this be the end of the line for my Palm OS experience?

 I hoped not, based upon Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition and subsequent announcement to build a pad computing device to compete with Apple. Continue reading