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Spotlight on Featured E-Learning Instructor: Karl Wiegers

Post by Matt

One of the Featured E-Learning Instructors for the month of October is Karl Wiegers, Principal Consultant with Process Impact and a specialist in Software Requirements. Karl has strong backgrounds in requirements engineering, software peer reviews, software process improvement, project management, risk management, and software metrics.

As one would expect from a person who has a background in so many areas of the field, Karl as written more than 170 articles on software development (including many on chemistry and military history). In the past he worked at the Eastman Kodak Company where he held positions as a photographic research scientist, software developer, software manager, and software process and quality improvement leader. Continue reading


Spotlight on Featured E-Learning Instructor: Hans Sassenburg

Post by Matt

It’s a new month and that means we’ve got new Featured E-Learning Instructors for CAI-U.

I chose to discuss  Dr. Hans Sassenburg first for this month, as his training is amazing for learning the methodologies and techniques for software requirements.

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