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EBG Consulting Video on Agile Business

Post by Matt

 Happy Friday everyone. 

I came across this very creative/quirky video done by EBG Consulting, the Consulting company of our expert partner Ellen Gottesdiener. It’s very brief but very fun to watch: 


Rex Black in Action

Post by Matt

I found a series of videos featuring our expert partner Rex Black discussing Testing and Risk. Take a few minutes to take in a video or two, as these videos not only showcase Rex’s ability to make the complex seem simple, but also demonstrate the strong public speaking skills he’s known for. Take a look:

Eight Minutes to Learn about SCRUM? Sure!

Post by Matt

I found this very enjoyable, understandable video on YouTube about how SCRUM meetings work. My first experience with being in charge of a SCRUM was very confusing (as all unexplained Acronyms are), but this video seems to take away any confusion and is entertaining to boot.